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Question & Answers
What can I get from this Service?

Sharing on a larger scale. All major social media platforms are available on this Service. Full access to YouTube , Twitter, Facebook, and Lastfm feeds are available and the full 'search engine' capacity of YouTube and Lastfm Music site to enrich your 'sharing' experience

What is so unique about your Service?

Aside from the four major social media platforms provided, we have a unique byproduct that we believe people will enjoy. All the social media platforms are 'intertwined'. For example, The Facebook platform has Youtube, Twitter and Lastfm feed functionalitys available allowing for a multitude of sharing with you facebook friends.

Browser compatability?

Mixley is compatable with all browser including Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft IE 9+(only). If you use IE other than IE9, you will not be able to view all it capacity. Consider downloading firefox or Google Chrome.

What Can I share with this Service?

A multitude of options are available: Artists Photos, Artists tracks, Artists Biographys and concert events etc.

What experience can I get from this service?

The exitement of new discovery. For example, search Lastfm for music you had no idea existed, and share it with your Facebook and Twitter friends -- they will be pleasantly surprised.

How much more does Mixley enhance my Facebook experience?

Search possiblities are almost endless. For Example, Your Facebook Wall and contain various YouTubes posts, our service will enhance that with 'related video' searches allowing you to view many other videos from one particular video topic. As well as, allow you to post other video to your wall.

How much more does Mixley enhance my Twitter experience?

this enhancment is very similar to the facebook experience, you can post photo and video to twitter. Our service will even allow you to post our 'VideoPlayer' through a link

Can I upload video and photos to my Facebook Account?

Yes, You Have full upload capacity as you would on facebook.

Why can't I get Spotify info and links?

Facebook provides incomplete information on this appliction. The application is still in beta 'testing' development

Can I share artist events on my Facebook Account?

Yes you can share artist concert event on facebook. You can even find 'events' in your facebook friends current city and make invites.

Can I store my artist favorites on my Facebook Account or on the Mixley account?

Facebook has disable this options however, you can store your favorites in GeekMeek Music Library

what can I experience from the Mixley Videoplayer?

All access to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Lastfm feeds are available in the player including playlists, Subriptions and video posting to your facebook wall and twitter status wall

Can I upload photos and create albums to my facebook account?

Yes, photos can be uploaded individually or uploaded up to 50 photos simultanously

Can I upload the Mixley videoPlayer to my Twitter Account?

yes, The videoplayer and be post by a twitter status message with the enclose tinyurl link

Can I upload video to my YouTube Account?

At this time, no. However, a future version will make this available.

Can I only do music search on the Lastfm?

No, It turns out that Lastfm search contains profiles of many public figure: celebries, politiians, actors, other Tv personalities.

Can I post YouTube video to my Facebook Wall?

yes, Youtube video can be posted on your facebook wall, as well as the videoplayer.

why isn't facebook working?

This issue is related to the facebook authentiation scheme. Facebook allow authentication for approxiately 1-2 hours. So any link chick that do seem to produce any feed will not show. Chick the 'My Facebook' tab and the authentication button will show and start the process over.

Does YouTube and Twitter have a perminent authentication?

Yes, Youtube and twitter provide an infinite session token. Once your have login in to facebook or twitter and allow this service access to your account, you will be able to access your account anytime

why can't I remove album photos from my facebook account?

Facebook has disabled this functionality.

Why can't I add or remove 'like' fan pages from my Facebook account?

Facebook has disabled this functionality.?

Why can't I post to my facebook Wall?

You must, first, authenticate with facebook before post to your facebook wall.